Dynamic Golfers: The #1 Golf Fitness App

Jun 07, 2024
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If you’re looking for the best golf fitness app available on the market today, you’ve come to the right place. Dynamic Golfers is the world’s leading mobile app and desktop platform for stretching and mobility, strength training, and injury prevention programs for golfers. Learn about what we offer and how it can help you lower your scores, become more powerful, and golf pain-free.

What Is Dynamic Golfers?

Dynamic Golfers isn’t just an app—it’s a training partner, a system, and a community all-in-one. It’s a platform that can be used in an endless combination of ways to help you achieve your goals on the golf course. That could mean longer driving distances, fixing your lower back pain, lowering your handicap, or just being able to play a full round without feeling exhausted.

We help you do these things in a sequential manner, through professionally-programmed, high quality, and easy-to-follow routines that are fun, engaging, and actually helpful. Our small team of athletic therapists, sports medicine doctors, coaches and trainers have worked together to create a platform that systematically addresses the most common problems that golfers have to deal with.

How Does It Work?

It’s not just golf that affects the way our bodies move and how they feel (though, it definitely does). Our day-to-day lives and routines are becoming progressively more sedentary, and this leads to all sorts of issues that, when combined with regular golfing, wreaks havoc on our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints.

The core of our programming is a combination of stretching/mobility training and strength training routines. By lengthening the muscles that have become short and tight, and strengthening the muscles that have become long and weak, we can help restore balance back to the body and correct the irregularities that are the source of so much pain, ache, and dysfunction.

Stretching & Mobility for Golfers

Developing and maintaining a healthy range of motion is a constant struggle, not just for golfers, but for people in general. One of the biggest problem areas lies in our hips and torsos. A muscle called the psoas (so-as), the biggest hip flexor, for example, loves to cause chaos throughout the body when it gets tight…often being the source of low back pain and hip pain in golfers. 

Daily Routines

Dynamic Golfers has a library with years of stretching and mobility content available for our members, all designed specifically for golfers. These routines are designed to be done every day. If you go out golfing, we recommend positioning these routines post-golf to act as both a cool down and your daily flexibility work all-in-one.

Unwind Tightness

When a muscle gets too tight, it starts to pull things out of alignment. Coupled with the explosive and repetitive movements we do while golfing, this can start to wear out your joints and use your muscles in ways that are inefficient. Following a well-designed stretching program can help unwind these tightnesses so that your body moves with less resistance and more freedom.

Increase Range of Motion

Most people think they need to spend thousands on professional coaching, fancy clubs, and the right kind of clothes to make themselves a better golfer. The lowest hanging fruit, though, for a better golf game lies in your range of motion. Being able to move your joints through normal ranges without restriction is key to good technique, and that’s exactly what our stretching program helps you do.

Strength Training for Golfers

Stretching and mobility is great, it’s one of the fastest ways to feel immediate relief, but long-term change comes when it is coupled with the right kind of strength training. Strengthening the tissues that support and move you is key to creating consistency in your swing, power in your shots, and longevity in your body.

At-Home Training

The Dynamic Golfers platform uses minimal equipment so the routines can be done almost anywhere, anytime. We focus on using your bodyweight to help you become more kinesthetically aware, and better able to move your body through space. This leads to less injuries while golfing and a body that feels good more often.

Strengthen What’s Weak

Sedentary lifestyles have our bodies drooping, sagging, and just looking sad, in general. This doesn’t translate well to athletic endeavours like golf. Swinging a golf club can be a violent activity, especially on the longer shots. Make a weak body swing that club enough times and it will tear itself apart. Regular strength training helps mitigate injury and increase golf performance.

Be More Fit

Our strength training addresses more than just your driving distance (but it does that, too). Golf is unique in that it’s a multi-hour, sometimes all-day commitment that mixes low-intensity movement with periods of complete rest and short bursts of explosiveness. Strength training prepares you to deal with all of it so you can leave the course still feeling fresh and full of energy.

Injury Prevention for Golfers

Common problem areas for golfers include the lower back, hips, and elbows. Dynamic Golfers offers targeted programs for all of these areas and more to help you heal from current pain, resolve dysfunction, and prevent injury from cropping up in the future. These are all-inclusive programs that combine both stretching/mobility and strength training to provide the best results.

Low Back Injury Prevention

The repetitive rotation and asymmetrical movements involved with golf tend to really aggravate the lower back, which is an area that people already have problems with for a whole host of reasons. We take a multi-faceted approach by addressing not just the back, but all the areas around the back that have influence on it, such as the core and hip musculature.

Hip Function & Rehab

Locked up, painful, or otherwise dysfunctional hips is a recipe for disaster in the golfing athlete. The hips are where so much of your power and rotation is generated from, so when they aren’t working properly, other structures like the back and knees begin to take on unnecessary load. Thousands of golfers have found success with this program to relieve themselves of hip pain.

Golfer’s Elbow (Wrist & Shoulder)

Another debilitating condition we’ve tried to address is golfer’s elbow. This injury is characterized as pain and inflammation on the inside of the elbow. It’s common in golfers as a result of overuse and abrupt trauma to the forearm flexor muscles. We take a holistic approach to the condition and address the wrist, elbow, and shoulder all in concert with one another.

What Our Members Are Saying

Take a look at the success our members are getting by following along with Dynamic Golfers…

I feel so comfortable with the program that I really feel like it’s something I can do for a long time and that excites me. I’ve also started the strength building program and even though I workout at the gym pretty regularly, I like this program because again, the length of time for each exercise and the constant variations. Again, well done!! —Brian T.

Your instructors are fabulous. The tips they give to assist in being in proper “posture “ for the exercise is crucial. I don’t feel rushed changing to the next exercise. I feel the chosen  exercises maximize my results in a very reasonable amount of time. —Patti M.

I am working through the daily stretching and mobility videos.  Really like how they are set up, you can see which muscles you are targeting, how much time you have left and most importantly the instructors give clear instructions. I played my first round on the weekend, I saw some improvement, I was getting more movement through my hips. —Juanita S.

Try For Yourself - 7 Day Free Trial

Let us take the guesswork out of your training. Dynamic Golfers is your all-inclusive training companion available 24/7 when it's convenient for you. Sign up for a 7 day free trial by CLICKING HERE.

Written by Eric Lister – Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

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