Improve consistency, boost club head speed, and play pain free. 


Dynamic Golfers is a digital exercise program that includes daily stretching and mobility, strength training, and injury prevention video routines - all designed for golfers. Gain flexibility, boost club head speed, and play pain free. 

Play Pain Free

Everything in the body is connected, and as golfers we demand a lot from our muscles, joints and ligaments. Stretching not only combats adaptive muscle shortening, but also keeps connections strong, treating and preventing injury, improving functionality and longevity.

Boost Club Head Speed

Strength training may be the first thing you think of to improve your club head speed, but without flexibility you will not have the range of motion to properly implement any power gains. Targeted stretching can help you build up control over your swing and unlock the power you already have.

Improve Your Consistency

Are you a hit or miss golfer? A healthy range of motion can help relax your swing, improve accuracy and in turn improve your consistency. Stretching can also help develop better balance, which in turn will boost your confidence and performance out on the course.

The Key to Play Pain Free

Our muscles are the engine by which we move, impacting every aspect of our bodies whether we realize it or not. Unfortunately, muscles do not naturally maintain their healthy or ideal range of motion. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Muscles will change their functional resting length to adapt to the length at which they are habitually used or positioned.

This is bad news for most of us.

As a culture we are spending more and more time sitting, which results in weak hamstrings, tight hip flexors, and a pelvic tilt. To add to this, playing golf puts your muscles under stress, demanding range of motion that may not be possible with shortened and weakened muscles. Not only will shortened muscles impact your flexibility, club head speed and enjoyment of the game, but they will eventually lead to injury.


We get it, life is busy. Stretching is one of those things that’s easy to put off, so long as we can still get out and play. Don’t wait until an injury forces you into a stretching routine. In the long run, prevention is always worth the 20 minutes a day it takes! 

We provide dynamic stretching  videos designed for golfers. Easy to follow, track your progress, and experience results within 30 days. 


Dynamic Golfers programming can help unlock your full potential by increasing your range of motion, strengthening supporting muscles and creating muscle balance.

Easy to follow videos led by coaches and athletics therapists. 

✔️ Daily Stretching & Mobility Routines - 15-20 minutes in length

✔️ Various levels of strength programs designed for golfers

✔️ Specific injury programs for posture correction, hip pain, and golfer's elbow


What Our Members Are Saying

"I’ve been using Dynamic golfers over a year now and couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made with my golf. I’ve tried other online programs in the past but nothing was as Taylor-made as Dynamic golfers. The exercises are easy to follow and challenging enough to notice improvements over time. And even away from golf my general well-being is the best it’s ever been."

Dan L. 

"My handicap has improved from 28 to 20.1 in just one year with Dynamic Golfers, but it’s also improved my daily life. It pushes me to think of mobility and strength when I wake up in the morning and helps me actually do it! I can’t recommend their programs highly enough."

Hien L.


"I have been using the Dynamic Golfer program for the last 2 years and just love it. I’m a serious player and have used the Dynamic golfer program to provide a regimented and daily stretch plus strength training towards better golf. My handicap has dropped from a 7 to a 4 and I am hopeful like every golfer that even better golf is in my future."
John M. 


Dynamic Golfers can help unlock your full potential by increasing your range of motion, strengthening supporting muscles and creating muscle balance.

  • Daily, easy to follow stretching videos
  • 15-25 minutes in length
  • Designed specifically for golfers
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Access to ALL bonus programming

With the 7 day FREE trail you will have access to ALL Dynamic Golfers content including: 3 different strength training programs, daily mobility routines, injury programming, and more!

We offer a simple, 30 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. If you're unhappy with the programming, simply email us, and we'll gladly refund you.