5 Ways a Golf Workout Program Can Improve Your Game

Jan 13, 2024
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A balanced golf workout program can contribute significantly to improving someone's game by addressing various aspects of physical fitness and golf-specific skills. It can not only improve your performance on the course, but also enhance your overall health. Let’s look into the key components that make one successful, and how you can start implementing one today.

Why Follow a Golf Workout Program?

Many people think of golf more as a game and less of a sport, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Swinging a weighted implement (the club) at high speeds is one of the most athletic things you can do, and you do it somewhere around 100 times for every 18 holes you play. This, at the very least, requires our awareness and attention. 

Simply playing is not enough because, like every sport, golfers are subject to the inherent imbalances of their sport. You always rotate in the same direction, for example. You have a lead hand and a trail hand. A lead hip and a trail hip, etc. Certain things twist one way, others twist the opposite way. It’s a recipe for muscle imbalance, overuse and underuse of different structures.

A golf exercise program can help account for all of these things and more. If your main diet consists of your time on the range/course, consider a golf fitness program as your nutritional supplement to help patch up shortcomings and make your nourishment more complete and healthful. 


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Benefits of a Golf Workout Program

Learn about some of the incredible benefits that participating in a regular exercise regimen for golfers can yield for not just your golf game, but your life in general.

Injury Prevention

You might not know it, but your #1 goal before anything is to not get injured. If you’re injured, you’re not playing. Strength and mobility training helps train your tissues to be both tough, pliable and reliable for whatever kind of activity you throw at them. You’ll play with less hesitancy and more confidence because you’ll trust your body to perform well, every time.

Less Fatigue

While golf doesn’t seem like a particularly cardiovascular-intensive or exhaustive sport, the hours you spend playing can quickly add up. Having a strong body that can easily manage 4-5 hours of walking with bouts of powerful, explosive swinging enmeshed intermittently throughout the day allows for more thorough levels of both concentration and enjoyment.


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Improved Posture & Alignment

A big part of a golfer’s game is their posture. The ability of the body to get into, maintain, and move from a good position is critical to the accuracy, power, and overall success of one’s swing. Regularly exercising the body and challenging it in different positions allows it to move better across a broad range of activities; from work, to playing with your kids, to swinging a club.

Better Core Stability

Common ailments such as lower back pain often stem from weak core musculature both in and around the abdominal region. All movement emanates from this area, so when someone with a weak core tries to perform athletic activity, the pattern is likely to fall apart or, at the very least, be sloppy and inefficient…possibly leading to unnecessary wear, tear and injury.

Increased Swing Speed & Lower Handicaps

The combined effect of all the points we have discussed thus far are bound to result in two things: A faster clubhead and a better golf score. When you don’t know how to improve a specific thing, improve everything else around it and it has no choice but to change, as well. With just a little extra time off course, we can do wonders for our body and for our game.


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Best Golf Workout Program

To create a golf fitness program that accounts for everything above, yet still remains flexible enough to adapt to changing needs, abrupt/chronic injuries, and new/ever-changing goals, can be quite a challenge. Lucky for you, there’s a platform that has already done all the heavy lifting for you, and it’s available for you to try for free, right here.

Dynamic Golfers is the world’s leading golf training platform. Created by golfers, for golfers. We have hundreds of high quality, HD streamed video routines that you can access anywhere on your desktop or mobile device. They’re all neatly organized into follow-along plans, and led by world class trainers, coaches and athletic therapists. Some of the areas we cover:

  • Strength Training
  • Stretching & Mobility Training
  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Warm-Ups
  • Myofascial Release
  • + More

Don’t waste time trying to piece together YouTube videos and random bits of information. Join thousands of golfers worldwide who are successfully training for, competing in and playing the beautiful game of golf, pain-free. Sign up for a 7-day free trial by clicking here, and enjoy a cancel-anytime, no obligation subscription that we’re sure you’re going to love!


Written by Eric Lister – Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

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