The Dynamic Golfers Method

Mobility and strength training - designed for golfers. 

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The Biggest Mistake Golfers Make - Don't Overlook This Part of Your Training

Do you spend the majority of your day sitting? 

As a culture we are spending more and more time sitting, which can result in weak hamstrings and glutes, with tight quads and hip flexors. This combination causes a rounded-forward posture with a pelvic tilt. Unfortunately, time spent out on the course puts more load on the muscles, which can make the problem worse. Not only will muscle imbalance impact your swing mechanics and power, but it can impact your overall energy level and how you feel day to day. 

A 2014 study by the Florida Gulf Coast University found that physical limitations in the areas of mobility, flexibility, stability and strength can limit the ability of the golfer to execute a biomechanically efficient golf swing. "The golf swing is an intricate series of muscular firing and inhibition sequences which has long been studied and appreciated by biomechanists. However, golf professionals are just beginning to understand the physical attributes related to the golf swing and how to apply this to training programs and lessons. Both instructors and players have come to the realization that there is a need for adequate strength, flexibility, and balance training programs in the sport of golf. These programs aim to alter swing mechanics and correct limitations in order to enhance golf performance abilities and potentially prevent injuries" (Farrally). 

Our program may be perfect if you: 

  • Work at a desk all day
  • Are a hit or miss golfers - lacking consistency
  • Have tight hip flexors & quads 
  • Experience ongoing knee Pain 
  • Have lower back pain on and off the course
  • Weak glutes & hamstrings

The Dynamic Golfers Daily Program is the perfect practice to help you slowly develop mobility and stability specific for golfers. It can be overwhelming to start a new plan or try go to a yoga class with a limited range of motion, but by moving dynamically and mindfully, you can open up tight areas of your body in a safe and stable way. 

Our Athletic Therapist, Stephanie, will walk you through step-by-step each of the poses and movements in that days routine. Our coaches detailed instructions allow you to follow along without having to keep your eyes glued on the screen. You can complete the programming at your own pace in the comfort of your home in a time and cost effective manner. 

As a Dynamic Golfers Member, you'll get: 
  • A daily mobility program that includes one 15-20 minute routine per day, with new content being added all the time. The programming progresses with you as you move through the months. 
  • Each routine is designed to make the most of your time 
  • Strength training - various programs ranging from 1-3 months 
  • Pre-Round warmups you can do on the course


Programming Preview - The Key to Play Pain Free

βœ”οΈIMPROVE range of motion for a more clubhead speed

βœ”οΈGAIN strength and stability for increased swing control

βœ”οΈPLAY your best free of pain or injury

Learn how to achieve and maintain muscle balance and protect yourself again the most common golfing injuries. 


Fix the Root of the Issue

This program is for golfers who want to improve their game while also preventing injury. Our mobility routines will address some of the underlying causes of muscle imbalance by first working on flexibility and the range of motion, then bringing in strength and stability work to ensure lasting gains. 

  • Increase your range of motion and develop greater hip and shoulder turn. This means more power and faster clubhead speed. 

  • Eliminate upper and lower back pain so you never have to miss another round with friends. 

  • Accelerate recovery and feel better day-to-day, both on and off the course. 

  • Enjoy playing golf again!



Dynamic Golfers began in 2019 with the creation of our Stretching & Mobility Program. Our team has grown over the past year as we have worked with our members to provide ongoing injury prevention and strength training specific for golfers. Our goal is to provide quality content from industry professionals in a form that is easy to use and experience results. 

Our Team is based in Kelowna, BC, Canada and is made up of a small group of athletic therapists and coaches. 

Meet Stephanie - Certified Athletic Therapist, CAT(C) and Certified Pilates Instructor

Stephanie has a Bachelor in Physical Health and Education as well as a Bachelor in Applied Health Sciences. She's been a certified Athletic therapist for 6 years working with everyone from professional athletes to the elderly. Her deep understanding of the body and her ability to clearly explain things is what made her perfect fit for our team. 

Meet Alisha - Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Alisha is a Certified Personal Trainer and coach with Dynamic Golfers. She works with athletes in a variety of sports to build functional strength and stability. You'll see her leading you through the strength training routines as well as some of the mobility routines. 


Starting immediately after sign up you'll be given access to all programming in your membership area. You can access on any device like your phone, tablet or computer.

Your membership, whether annual or monthly, gives you access to ALL Dynamic Golfers Programming. This includes: Daily Stretching / Mobility Program, Strength Training, Pre-Round Warmups, and all future content!

The trial is 7 days long, converting to a paid membership on the 8th day. Cancel anytime during the trial and never be charged. Cancel membership at any time - no cancellation fee or contracts. 

The daily mobility program has new content added every month, so there will always be new routines for you to complete! 

We get it, life is busy. If you forget to cancel we'll refund you any payment up to 90 days - no questions asked!

You will create an account and then be redirected to your membership area where you can navigate the various programs. You will also receive a welcome email from us making sure your account is good to go! 


The Dynamic Golfers program is developed and led by an athletic therapist, with easy to follow instructions for each movement so you can easily follow along at home. Our programming is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our members. 

βœ”οΈDaily videos with new content being added monthly

βœ”οΈGreat for competitive and amateur golfers alike

βœ”οΈFollow along at home with easy to follow videos, led by industry professionals 

βœ”οΈSimple and detailed training - track your progress over time

βœ”οΈDevelop and maintain a healthy range of motion through a combination of static stretches and dynamic movements. 

βœ”οΈInstant access to all content on our 7 day free trial

Membership Options

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βœ” Daily, easy to follow mobility videos

βœ” 15 - 20 minutes in length

βœ” 30% savings over monthly membership

 βœ” Instant access to ALL programming

 βœ” Lock in this low pricing for LIFE

βœ” 7 Day FREE Trial





βœ” Daily, easy to follow mobility videos

βœ” 15 - 20 minutes in length

 βœ” Instant access to ALL programming

 βœ” Lock in this low pricing for LIFE

βœ” 7 Day FREE Trial


After your trial, membership is either $9.99/month or $85/year. No contracts or cancellation fees. Cancel during the trial and you'll never be charged.

100% Guarantee - No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee

Even if you forget to cancel, or for some reason you don't enjoy the content and community, we'll refund your last months payment right away. Just send us a quick email and no worries. We're here for the long term and will respect your choice!

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